Friday, April 8, 2011

Nightmares and Trips

Another wedding nightmare last night.  This time, we were married and at the reception and everything was great.  I remember having a good time.  But as the night came to a close I suddenly realized that C & I had never figured out the timeline and as a result, we'd never had a first dance, I'd never danced with my dad, we never took pictures with family members and some other things I don't remember now hadn't happened (mostly DJ related) because we never told people when to do things.

I remember being extremely upset about it and insisting to C that while, Yes, I'd had a great time, the evening was ruined because we never did those things.  That now my memories were tainted by what we didn't do and we'd never be able to get it back.


Today the girls converge on Chicago for Bachelorette weekend!  I've got my bags all packed, I'm ready to go (I love that song) and I just hope I didn't forget anything.  Though, my standard mantra for any trip I take is that as long as I have my wallet, I can buy anything I forgot.  And it's true, so I can probably stop stressing over it. 

I over-packed, of course, and hopefully my clothes are appropriate for the activities.  I almost didn't bring a jacket but it is the Windy City after all so there's one in my car.  And even after all my obsessing, I almost forgot my dress!  Thank goodness I didn't.

I got my hair done last night so I'll be looking fresh to death.  (I don't really know what that phrase means so I hope that's using it right.  Oh my God, I just checked urban dictionary and apparently it originated with the Heaven's Gate cult who all dressed in new track suits and Nikes before committing suicide.  Somehow that's just wrong.  But I did use it in the correct context apparently.)

Other than all that, not much to report here.  Just excited for my weekend to start!

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