Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax Break

C & I got our taxes done the other night and are due a decent sized return from the government!  I told him last night that we should talk about what we intend to do with that money.  Because if we don't make a plan then it will trickle away as we decide what we need.

Buying a house in the next 5 months will certainly eat it up.  There will be new furniture to buy and whatever we find that needs to be replaced like a hot water heater or a dishwasher or who knows.

There are things I want to do with it.  I want to use some of it to take a honeymoon.  Nothing big, maybe just 3 days away.  We haven't planned one yet and I pretty much figured we wouldn't do it.  But maybe now we can.

I want to start Addy's college fund before she actually leaves for college!  Even just putting $500 in an account somewhere will start to grow.  And I know people will contribute to it as well.

The other thing I told C is that we worked for the money, we should spend some.  I proposed that we each take $200 and spend it on things we want.  Because heaven knows there are things I want that I never buy myself because I can't justify spending the money on something I don't actually need.

Like a new purse, some nice grown-up earrings, some perfume, and some clothes or shoes most likely.  Silly stuff, girly stuff.  But still, stuff I want.

It seems bad though to buy all this stuff especially in light of just having a wedding.  It seems frivolous and slightly irresponsible to do this but I need to keep reminding myself that he & I worked for this money and it's rightfully ours.  There's no reason we shouldn't enjoy some of it.

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