Monday, April 4, 2011

The Weekend That Wasn't

When March 12th hit I knew that was the beginning of the end.  Starting that weekend we had things planned every weekend from then until the wedding.  Some things are small (like a bachelorette party one night or a 2-hour photo shoot) and some things are much bigger (like a weekend long bach. party) but it was all something.

Well, last weekend I found out that this weekend's plan were cancelled and that left us with an open weekend with ZERO plans!  But don't worry, we found ways to fill it.

Friday we worked on our seating chart, which C thinks it's ridiculous to work on it so early when we don't even know who's actually coming but I'd like to get a template going and move people around as needed.  

Saturday we went to Ikea and bought a square vase to try out table numbers.  It didn't work but that's ok.  We also found out that our invites (which went out on Thursday!) are already at people's houses!  That's crazy fast!

And yesterday we went to Michael's and bought some bags for the OOT favors and some more vellum paper and some ribbon.  I swear, Michael's is making a killing off weddings.  We also made some trial whoopie pies for the wedding which turned out OK but will need some more practice.  Oh darn.

I still have a full list of to-dos, but those things are becoming smaller tasks while the big things are taken care of.  

Also, good news!  We have an officiant!  Now I just need to work with him on the ceremony wording and we'll be all set!

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