Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Alive!

Holy Tired Bride, Batman!

All-in-all the bach. party weekend was a roaring success!  A few down spots but they were FAR outweighed by the high points.

We got in after a long car ride on Friday night.  We all hung out at the hotel and drank a little and basically got to know each other.  Did I mention that people came from all walks of my life?  College friends, Cali friends, even my cousin who's known me my entire life came AND one of Corey's friends came!  And the best part is that everyone got along and we had a great time.

Saturday we went out for a delicious, amazing brunch at Ann Sather's and I was stuffed and happy!  They have a-maz-ing cinnamon rolls there.

After that, the girls headed to NailBar for some pampering and the boys (and 1 girl) went shopping.  I got the signature manicure and then had my eyebrows sculpted.  I got some nice deep red polish on my nails and it is pretty but I never paint my nails so it looks weird to me.  NailBar is BYOB (so is Ann Sather's!) so we enjoyed some wine during our appointments.

After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready and Beckii had planned some pre-dinner games in the hotel room for us.  My dress was awesome and my shoes were good for the whole night!  My cousin did my hair and another girl did my eye make up for me.  Total pampering.

Beckii had e-mailed all the guests and asked them to submit one truth and one dare for me.  She printed them out and put them in balloons that I had to pop to get the question out.  She told me I couldn't use my hands though!  I'm afraid I was a bit of a party pooper because I think I did 1 dare out of the 8 or 9 questions.  I just wasn't ready yet!

Dinner was SO good!  We headed for this little Italian place where they set up a prix fixe menu for us and printed out personalized menus for me!  We had SO much food too, we probably could easily have fed 5 more people.  Bruschetta, calamari, 2 salads, pasta, risotto, a stuffed chicken dish, and 3 desserts!  And that's not even everything we had!  

The play started at 8 and it was a blast!  We laughed so hard and just really had a good time there.  They even singled me out, which was fun.  We hung out at that bar for just a bit before heading to Wrigleyville.  We found a bar there and made our own little dance party and it was SUCH a good time!  It was pretty much exactly what I wanted.

We hit another bar and then made our way back to the hotel after a stop at an all night pizza place.  Nothing like 2am pizza to help with the hangover.  

I actually felt relatively decent the next morning and we said our goodbyes and headed back to MN.  But I'll see them all again in only 6 weeks!  I told all my friends and I'll say it here, I'm very lucky to have so many people that care about me so much.  To have everyone in town for a weekend just for me was so special and I had a great time.

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