Friday, April 15, 2011

Knockin' em Out

Sorry to get all emo on you guys.  I don't want to lose my 4 readers, heh.  I decided that all I can do is one thing at a time and it will be good enough.

So, yesterday I bought beads & masks for cocktail hour, our ring dishes, and this headband.  I think it's really pretty and that price is ok with me.  I also made a list of everything we're transporting to Chicago with us because I started to freak out that we'd forget something.  

Our photoshoot is tomorrow and then I can stop freaking out about that.  We figured out last night what Addy will wear and I have an idea that I'll cement tonight about me.  C is a pretty good dresser so I'm not gonna worry about him too much.  I had made an appointment to get my hair styled but cancelled it today.  I can handle it and save myself that expense.

My shower is on Sunday which will be really nice as well.  I'll be feelin' the love!

This weekend I want to make some cookies for the wedding on Saturday night (or heck, maybe even a few tonight) and get those in the freezer.  I also want to print out some of my table numbers onto the vellum paper I have and see how those look.  

We got some more responses and a couple nos and I think I just had to get over it.  People are going to say no, I've said no to weddings in the past.  Like Corey keeps telling me, it's not personal.  Most people would probably love to come if they could.  And yesterday's nos were people in California so its a little more understandable that they won't be able to make it.

Wedding stress kind of reminds me of pregnancy hormones.  You're up, you're down, you're crying, you just want a cookie...

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