Thursday, April 28, 2011


My cousin's wedding is this weekend and since we're only 3 weeks out from my own wedding (eek!) it's going to be very interesting for me to attend another wedding so close.  You can be sure I'll be looking at details, noticing how guest receive things like favors or any small touches she included and what songs get people moving on the dance floor.

I almost wish I could carry around a little notebook (ala Harriet the Spy) to make observations through out the day.  

Chocolate cake received VERY well, especially by kids

"More" by Usher = crowded dance floor

Lots of AWWWs at Father/Daughter dance

Less family photos, more candid ones.

You get the point.  

The other thing I'm hoping to get out of this (other than the happiness of watching my dear cousin get married) is an idea of timing.  We're starting hair & make up at 9am, ceremony to start at 4:30pm.  But they're doing a First Look or at least doing pictures before the ceremony whereas we won't see eachother.

They'll flow directly into cocktail hour and dinner where we'll have a slight gap for our pictures.  But I'm curious to see if we end up sitting around some or if the day is just jam packed, which will make me nervous.

It's funny because I've attended and been in many weddings but this will be one of the only ones I've attended as an engaged woman with actual wedding plans.

I hope for her that everything goes exactly as she wants it.  And the end of the day, they'll be married and that's what really matters!

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  1. You're lucky you've been to so many weddings! I hadn't really been to a wedding since I was 9 when I planned mine! So I really had no idea! lol

    On another note, one of my (male) students told me the other day when I told him I was in two weddings & going to 3 all within a month, that he was "always a bridesmaid & never a bride..." I'm a little concerned for him... lol.