Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sneak Peek

Back when I first started this blog, I talked about my whole look as a bride.  I've never seen it all together and I doubt I will until the day of the wedding.  

But, for some fun, I put together an inspiration board just for me.  A lot of women planning their wedding do inspiration boards for the whole wedding to kind of see how the elements look together and to make sure the overall theme/feel of the event is coming through.  They often show those boards to vendors, particularly florists and linens and centerpiece vendors to make sure they all understand and they're all on the same page.

Some words I had in mind for my bridal look are: soft, flowy, romantic, gorgeous, blue, garden, spring, lace, fitted...

So here's my board put together, all the elements in one place:
Kristen Stewart is in there because I saw that picture of her and fell in love with her make up.  I even copied the picture and sent it to my MUA and said, "I really like this make up.  I have no idea if it works with my skin tone or even what they've really done to achieve.  I like that it's glamorous without being over the top.  Do you think we can do it?"  She said yes!  She said she really liked it to and thought it would be great on me.  I don't know if you can see it really well but maybe if you blow it up.

The only things missing are my hair (which I have a pic of but didn't attach) and the earrings but they match the necklace so just picture that.  Apparently my hair is categorized as a low, loose up-do.  Interesting.

So there we go!  My bridal look!

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